The 5th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta is quickly approaching! Build and sail a boat made entirely of cardboard, duct tape, and glue… challenge accepted!

The Regatta itself will be held on August 14 from 11:30-3:30pm at Jewel Lake.

The Regatta will be preceded by a Boat-Building Party THIS Friday, August 12 from 5-10pm.

Click here to download the 5th Annual Cardboard Boat Regata Info.

Cardboard Donations:

We accept…

  • Medium- and large-size plain cardboard panels
  • Medium- and large-sized cardboard boxes

We don’t accept…

  • Plastic-coated cardboard
  • Dirty or water-damaged cardboard
  • Fresh produce boxes (they’re hard to break down)

Join us for the festivities!

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