Here are 3 Permission Forms Clarifications:

These forms last ALL SCHOOL YEAR.

When you sign these forms, you grant permission for your student to participate in all the events of the 2016-2017 school year (except a few big ones, like the yearly retreats, or any off-site trips that require other forms. But don’t worry; we’ll give you a heads-up when those are coming).

Have more than one kid? We have you covered.

Complete all your registrations in one form! There’s space in both the Junior High and High School forms for you to enter multiple students’ information, no matter their grade.

“…but wait! Don’t you need my signature or something?”

Yes, we do, actually: there’s still a Code of Conduct and general Permission Form that we’ll need from you. We’ll collect that in one of three ways:

You can pre-print it. Use this link to open the digital copy, print it at home, and send it with your student the next time he or she comes to an event.

…or we’ll print it for you. We’ll keep extra printed copies on hand at the Youth Room all year long, so you can sign one when you stop by and be on your way.

Go paperless across the board. Next time you’re in the Youth Room, you can sign a digital form using one of our in-house tablets.

That’s it!

Click the link below to complete the corresponding registration(s) online.

Junior High Permission Forms

High School Permission Forms


Contact Anna with questions. Thanks!