Where do I begin?

Youth Ministry is not a class. It’s a way to engage your faith in a social, service, and spiritual context. The question remains, then: do I have to come to everything? If I actually want to make progress in my faith life, where do I go, and what do I do?

Junior High Roadmap

  1. Kickstarters.
    We offer lots of quick little events for students to get a taste for Youth Ministry. Try out one of the beginning- or end-of-semester events, or hop on a social event with a friend and see what it’s all about.
  2. Serve.
    There are several service projects offered throughout the semester. Come to a service youth night and give back to the community, or better yet, volunteer with the parish!
  3. Retreat.
    Take your faith experience to the next level. Attend one of our Junior High retreats in the spring semester or go to St. Therese’s Camp in the summer. Find a place to spend an overnight (or several) growing in your faith.
  4. Lead.
    Volunteer with a Family Event to start building your leadership skills. Help out with behind-the-scenes work and serve our younger families.
  5. Grow. When you’ve graduated 8th grade, you’re eligible to join the Peer Ministry Team. Give it a shot and continue growing your faith through High School!

High School Roadmap

  1. Jump on in.
    If you’re just getting started, no worries! Check out a social event and see what’s happening. Bring a friend, make it a party!
  2. Serve.
    When you’re ready to start the seeking process, go on a mission trip, with us or with another organization. Make it an overnight if you can, or do a series of services. Reach out to others.
  3. Retreat.
    Go to a conference or retreat: the Alaska Catholic Youth Conference, our parish retreat, or some other multi-day faith-focused trip. At this point, you’re well-prepared to join the Peer Ministry Team, if you haven’t already!
  4. Formation.
    Attend a BIG event: the National Catholic Youth Conference, World Youth Day, or another large out-of-state conference or pilgrimage. Fundraise, be formed, and share your experience with the parish.
  5. Disciple.
    It’s all up from here, folks. Recruit a friend for the Peer Ministry Team and mentor them. Help plan future events and volunteer to serve the Junior High students. Make your faith your own, and don’t be afraid of God’s call in your life.